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Flotsam and Jetsam #12

By Nick at October 25, 2010 09:25
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  • Here’s a great article about roadmaps and how they generally, well, suck.  Smile My favorite quote: “You can’t predict which unexpected events will occur, but you can predict that some unexpected events will occur. Therefore, a rational person builds adequate buffer room into a schedule to accommodate unexpected events.”  That is sound advice for anyone involved in software development.  This is actually one of the best articles I’ve read in the software development field in quite a while. (You can Digg the article if you like.)
  • There is now a chat room for us Delphi people over at StackOverflow.  Seems like a nice centralized place for Delphi developers to hang out.
  • One of the common complaints about the Delphi Market is that there are not many new guys or young guys coming in to the market.  There are a number of reasons for this, and among them is the fact that many young people consider NNTP-based newsgroups to be archaic and old, and when they see that is how most online Delphi discussions get done, they think the same of Delphi.  And I think it is interesting that the same people asking for new, younger customers seem to me to be the same ones that would go into meltdown if the NNTP news server went away.  Winking smile
  • Off-Topic Comment of the Week:  My Economics professor from the Navy Postgraduate School, Dr. David Henderson,  pointed to this amazing collection of interviews by actor/singer Will Smith. I confess I had no idea that Mr. Smith wasn’t just another Hollywood knucklehead, but is instead a rather remarkable man of substance and depth. I’m actually quite stunned and moved by what he had to say.  I loved the story about the brick wall in particular.    I feel bad for my misconception, and am happy to say that I am now a great admirer. And he can even do the Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute.

Nick’s New Job

By Nick at August 28, 2010 03:15
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I’m very happy to tell you fine people that I have accepted the job as Director of Development at Gateway Ticketing in beautiful Boyertown, Pennsylvania.  I’m really delighted and happy.  The job is exactly what I’ve wanted with a great small and growing company. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or an amusement park or one of the major zoos around the US, chances are you’ve used our products.  The Gateway people are great, and the Boyertown area – where I will be moving eventually – is lovely.  It’s a great opportunity for me, and I’m very pleased.  I’m looking forward to leveraging my technical skills as well as these great leadership skills I supposedly know so much about.  ;-)

Many of you have been very supportive and sent me words of encouragement during this time, and I’m grateful.  It’s a tough time, being uncertain of the future, and I’m grateful for the support.  Gateway is a Delphi shop, so I’ll still be around.  And I must confess it will be strange to move to the other side of the table as an Embarcadero customer.  ;-)

Thanks To Everyone

By Nick at July 18, 2010 15:19
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This has been a tough week -- but I guess that isn't surprising as being "let go" from your job on a Monday morning will make any week tough.  

But two things happened that made it all a lot better.  

First, my former co-workers had a farewell lunch for me a the (in?)famous Cafe Carlos.  I was quite touched and honored that over 40 people -- including practically all of the R&D and QA teams, were there.  With all humility, I must say it was the biggest farewell lunch I'd seen since I was there.  It was quite flattering.  

The other thing that happened was an almost overwhelming out-pouring of kind words and well wishes to my post in the (in?)famous Delphi Non-Technical forum.  I tried very hard to say thanks to ever single person who posted there -- if I missed you I am sorry.  

I am quite sincere when I say that these two things touched me deeply and humbled me greatly.  As I said in my post, I've lived, breathed, eaten, and slept Delphi for at least the last 15 years, and it is quite nice to feel so appreciated. 

Thanks again to you all who have wished me well in the newsgroups, email, and in person.  I truly appreciate it, and it makes going through this tough time a lot easier.  Thanks.

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