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Delphi Open Source Projects

This page is a listing of a number of high quality Delphi Open Source Projects.

The projects listed on this page are:

  1. Vetted and looked at by me and deemed "worthy" of being here.  I'm happy to take recommendations for listing.  I'll try not to be too snooty about it, but I don't want to list every single project out there -- there has to be some minimum standard, right?
  2. Available for download via either Subversion (svn) or Mercurial (hg) or another popular open source SCM tool.

If you know if a good, well-maintained, and useful library that deserves to be here, let me know.

Project Name Short Description 
Delphi Spring Framework A Delphi version of the well known Java Spring Framework.  It includes a Dependency Injection framework, a lovely set of generic collections, encryption libraries, and more.
Internet Direct Indy is a complete socket library for building clients and servers using the standard Internet protocols
Delphi Relax Marco Cantu's extensions for Delphi Datasnap REST
DUnitX Testing Framework A new, more modern unit testing framework for Delphi

Though not currently maintained, I'm including it here anyway.  This is a lovely library, including a Dependency Injection Container and a Mock library, as well as the ability to bind a DLL to an interface.  The community would do well to figure out a way to get this project going again.

Delphi Mocks

A complete mocking framework for Delphi that makes building mock objects drop dead simple.  

Delphi Sorcery

A very nice, powerful framework for Delphi providing data-binding, a dependency injection container, an MVVM framework, a mock object, and more.  


A powerful yet easy to use duck typing library for Delphi

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