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Flotsam and Jetsam #10

By Nick at October 12, 2010 09:10
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  • I wish that my iPhone was too big for my pocket and couldn’t make phone calls.
  • I mentioned in my Smartphone rant that I have an Android phone.  The actual phone that I have is an HTC Hero from Sprint.  I like it a lot, especially the HTC version of Android.  I was worried about the no physical keyboard thing, but the predictive typing has worked out pretty well now that I’m used to it.  However, I’m not here to talk great things about it, I’m hear to bitch.  Here’s some things I don’t like:
    • I often put the phone in my pocket without locking it.  This drives me crazy, because it leads to butt-dialing, strange emailing, and other things that can go wrong as the touch screen interacts with my pocket.  Here’s the solution – and a great idea for an app.  I almost always end up putting the phone in my pocket upside down.  The phone should detect if it is upside down, and if it is, immediately lock itself.    I guess that could be a problem when just carrying the phone, but there has to be some way to get this to work.
    • There are some apps that come loaded on it that cannot be removed.  I find this astounding.  My phone came with “Peep”, a very mediocre Twitter client, and I’d like to get rid of it.  But no, I can’t.  I have to “root” the phone to do that, and I’m not sure I want to take that drastic step.
    • The process of working with the phone call part of the phone is really, weirdly, slow.  If I press on a contact to make a call, it can take up to 20 seconds for the phone to place the call.  If there is one thing a smartphone should do well, it’s place phone calls. 
  • This is really cool:  The folks at DevJet --- they most famously produce the Spring for Delphi Framework – have fully documented the XMLDoc features in the Delphi compiler and IDE.  These are the “triple slash”  (///), XML-based comments that you can add to your code that enable both automatic documentation generation as well as live help hints in the IDE. It has always been kind of a dark art to know exactly what the tags are, and these guys have produced a great document with examples and pictures showing you how it all works. It’s actually quite feature rich what you can do with the comments.  I hope this great information can make its way into the the Delphi documentation itself.
  • The DevJet guys are also working on an IDE plugin that will let you write your comments in a WYSIWYG editor. 
  • I would be remiss if I didn’t point out once again that TSmiley has its code rather thoroughly documented with XMLDoc.  Winking smile
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