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Flotsam and Jetsam #11

By Nick at October 16, 2010 23:44
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  • You Delphi people are probably well aware of the excellent documentation and reference site -- Did you know that you can support them financially by purchasing a desktop version of the site for only $10?  I didn’t realize that, and thought that it was a nice way to support an excellent site.  I’m going to look at getting some copies for some of the new developers on our team here.
  • Question of the Week: Can you be agile if you have a fixed ship date?
  • I just upgraded to Pandora One.  I am a huge Pandora fan – it’s really all I listen to on my PC at work – and I am happy to pay the meagre $3.00 a month for the service.  One of the reasons that I really like it is that it constantly is feeding me new artists and new music.  I’ve come to love a lot of singers – Sarah Bareilles, Matt Nathanson, 3 Doors Down – that I might not have otherwise heard of.  The music industry should also take note that I’ve bought quite a few CD’s as a result of finding new music to love via Pandora.  Pandora has had trouble with the music industry regarding royalites, etc.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that  has bought more music because of Pandora, not less.
  • Clever Item of the Week:   The name of the company that inspected the house that I am buying is “Sherlock Homes Inspections”.  I like that.
  • Craig Stuntz posted this fascinating video on his Twitter feed.  A town in England had an intersection that was notorious for being jammed and hard to get through as people waited at traffic signals.  One day, they simply turned off the traffic lights (with ample warning).  The result?  Smoother traffic and less congestion for both cars and pedestrians.  I really enjoy when someone goes radically against the forces of “You can’t do that!  It will never work and cause chaos!”.  I actually saw the link in the newsgroups, where Craig made the insightful connection between this video and the “Lock/Unlock” model of source control management.
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