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Flotsam and Jetsam #2

By Nick at July 21, 2010 14:37
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  • I’ve added a page that discusses this blog and how I put it together.  And since I’m not above shameless hucksterism, please feel free to click on the referral link to DiscountASP.NET and get me a referral fee.  
  • The first time I remember seeing a URL in a TV commercial was around 1996 for Toyota. How about you?
  • There are so many applications out there that produce the most amazingly craptastic HTML, I can hardly believe it.  MS Word, I’m looking at you.  But you aren’t the only one.
  • Also added my StackOverflow Flair.  Had to tweak it a bit because the bottom was being cut off. Couldn’t quite figure out what in my CSS file was affecting it.  You, too, can get yourself some cool StackOverflow flair
  • Some of you noted that my disclaimer made even less sense than I intended for it to.  I re-read it, and by-golly, you guys were right.  So I fixed it, and now it makes exactly as little sense as I want it to.
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