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Flotsam and Jetsam #29

By Nick at April 25, 2011 23:43
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  • The folks at DevJet are at it again,  producing a cool little free enhancement to the Delphi IDE the makes your Help Insight window look cooler.  Help Insight is rendered according to an XSL file, and if you change that, you can make your Help Insight look as you please.  They also make it so that you can embed images in your /// comments that then appear  in the hint. 
  • Stay buggy, my friends
  • Cool Delphi Code of the Week: The Emballo Project. This is a nice dependency injection library that also has a really cool Mock object library as part of it.  I’ve actually updated the Mock objects to take Variants, and I’ll try to see about rolling that back into the repository.  The project hasn’t been updated since October 2010, but it is work a look and there is a lot to learn there.
  • In a previous Flotsam and Jetsam entry, I mentioned an interesting thread that was still alive after a long while that provides are reference to Delphi code that allows the integration of Crystal Reports.  Well, the author of the code must have seen my posting, because he sent me a message with a link to the file itself, offering it up for anyone who wants it.  Nice. He mentioned that it even works with Delphi XE.
  • Does anyone know anything about the Common Service Locator interface?  Is this a widely accepted way of providing service interfaces?  Has this been implemented in Delphi?
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