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Flotsam and Jetsam #37

By Nick at June 22, 2011 03:06
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  • Marco Cantu has published his new book on Delphi XE.  I’ve been given an advanced copy (thanks, Marco!) and as you’d expect, it is excellent.  We are going to buy some copies here at Gateway Ticketing for use in our transition to Delphi XE.  As with everything Marco does, it is highly recommended
  • There a new Facebook group for Delphi Developers that seems to have a lot of activity.  You might consider joining.  It would be good for Delphi people to congregate in a single place on Facebook to share links and information, and this might be the place. 
  • And speaking of Facebook, you can now ’Like’ Embarcadero’s AppWave on Facebook.  I’m still not clear on exactly where all this AppWave thing is going, but it does look interesting.  I wonder what affect the “appstore” in Windows 8 will have on it.  I guess one advantage that AppWave has is that it is here right now, and Windows 8 is still pretty much vaporware at this point.
  • I went to see the Green Lantern this past weekend.  Highly recommended – I have no idea what all the bad reviews were about.  Great comic book movie.  (Those reviewers know that the Green Lantern is a comic book movie, right?)  The tech angle here is that it was the first time that I had seen a movie in 3D.  My take?  I never want to see a movie – any move, I don’t care if it’s a “blockbuster” or not – in 2D again. It was a terrific experience. This is a great feature that will definitely get me in the theater more. I have been going to the theatre less and less because of Netflix, but if I can see the upcoming Harry Potter movie in 3D, I will.  Looking forward to it being the normal experience on TV.
  • David I has been at Borland, Inprise, Borland, CodeGear, and now Embarcadero for 26 years.  He’s seen it all.  Congratulations to a titan of the industry – and a great guy.  I’ve known David for many years – since I met him at a PC User group at the Naval Postgraduate School in around 1994 – and it’s been an honor to be his friend.
  • I love a good story like this:  Throw Away that Hotel Soap.  There is staggering waste in our economy (anyone buying cases of plastic bottles of water – I’m looking at you…) and this is the kind of thing I love to see.
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