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Flotsam and Jetsam #69

By Nick at November 21, 2012 10:42
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  • I went to Philly Code Camp 2012.2 this past weekend.  It was a valuable use of time.  I learned a lot about Javascript (it has some unusual scoping rules) and ferreting out information about changes in databases (outer joins between old and new data can be revealing....).  In addition, I learned about a really cool add-in for most of the popular text editors called Zen Coding. It's pretty slick.  It makes writing HTML and CSS much easier.  For instance, type this:  html:5>head+body>div and then hit the hotkey for your editor and you get a nice template for an HTML five document, including the <head> and <body> tags, the DOCTYPE entry, and a <div> tag inside the body tag.  You can find out more about the extensive things you can do with it by watching this video, by reading this tutorial, and by looking at this cheat sheet.  Overall, another great code camp.
  • I completely forgot that I, along with Marc Hoffman, had the honor of being on .Net Rocks.  Cool!  It was great to see Carl and Richard at the .Net Rocks tour in Philly a couple of weeks ago.  They are really great, funny, smart guys, and they do a great job making development fun.
  • LeanTed now has basic support for table and crosslinks. The feature set is actually getting close to a 1.0 release.
  • All of the CodeRage 7 talks are online and available for viewing.  You can both download them and watch them on YouTube.  I like the YouTube part.  That's cool.
  • This video on MVVM and Delphi by Malcolm Groves of EMBT Australia is a must watch video.  This is how you should be building your applications from now on.  It's really made possible by Live Bindings.   You don't necessarily have to use the exact MVVM pattern than Malcolm shows here. He notes that an MVC or MVP pattern will do much the same thing, but we all really should be separating our concerns out so that we aren't coupling our code together. 
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