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Flotsam and Jetsam #73

By Nick at January 07, 2013 11:51
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  • Do you think it is safe to say that this map is a pretty good illustration and approximation of world-wide Delphi use?  It’s a map of visitors to  There are even Delphi users in Iceland! The information you get from this Google Trends search also reveals some interesting geographical information.  It seems that there are a lot of Delphi developers in Russia.  (These types of searches are complicated by the fact that Delphi is also a major auto parts company…)
  • The new year means an updated look at the TIOBE Index!  And guess what language is #1 for 2012?  C.  Not C++, C.  It’s moved past Java as the most popular language.  That’s kind of a surprise to me, anyway.  Delphi continues to hold it’s spot in the “A” language at #15.  They seemed to have combined “Delphi” and “Object Pascal”, but put “Pascal” in its own category. This makes no sense to me, but oh well.  If you combine the numbers all up, “Delphi/Object Pascal/Pascal” ends up at number 11 ahead of Ruby. Completely respectable if you ask me. Another surprising thing to me on the index is how low Javascript ranks. 
  • New Delphi Blog of the Week comes from Francois Piette
  • The Delphi Developers Community on Google Plus is quite active – if you aren’t a member, you should join up and contribute.  Maybe you’ll be the 1000th member!
  • New Delphi Components of the Week:   Chrome Tabs – It’s open source, too.  Pretty nice. 
  • Question of the Day: Arduino or Raspberry Pi?  Why?
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