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Flotsam and Jetsam #74

By Nick at January 13, 2013 12:56
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  • A while back I wrote a “How Not To Code” about not using Booleans as method parameters.  This line of real-world code that I ran across today -- myMonster.Run(cSourceStateLicenseWebNew, '1', '', False, False); -- is a perfect example of why this shouldn’t be done.  Who the heck knows what those last two parameters mean?
  • Does anyone know if that is real Chinese they speak in Firefly?
  • I don’t know if this is good or bad, but apparently I’ve visited StackOverflow on 1001 distinct days.  Yikes. (Maybe more by the time you read this….)
  • This is a really nice article on attributes by Francois Piette. I’m bummed because he used the example that I was going to use in my book.  Anyone got any better ideas?
  • Okay, I did a little more research on Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi, and I think I’m going to start with the Arduino. It seems more “science project-y” whereas the Raspberry Pi seems more like a complete computer solution.  Both sound great, but I’m more interested in the “controlling something” aspect rather than the “use all that small but powerful computing power”.  I think the Arduino would provide more stuff for me to do with my kids in terms of “making it all come alive”.  That’s kind of what I’m interested in, really – the “Mr. Science” kind of stuff.  Thanks to you all for the feedback.
  • I never talk much about Lazarus/FreePascal because I don’t use it and I’m not much interested in it, but it is starting to move more to the center of my radar as apparently you can use it to program a Raspberry Pi.  In fact, our friend Jeff Duntemann has set up a Raspberry Pi as a “regular” computer, and is using Lazarus to write code for it.  Not only that, he’s working on rewriting his classic “Borland Pascal from Square One” for Free Pascal, the current version of which you can download as a PDF.  He also reports that he’s doing a book on Lazarus.  It’s always good to see activity in the world of Pascal and Delphi Programming. Now if we could just get Delphi for Arduino, I’d be in heaven.  Winking smile   
  • I for one welcome our new drone overlords.
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