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Flotsam and Jetsam #76

By Nick at January 26, 2013 04:11
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  • There are a lot of cool things that an IDE could do, but it’s getting to the point where my one top feature for the IDE is the automatic addition of interface methods.  If I declare a class that implements a given interface, the IDE should automatically fill those in for me.  That would be really sweet.  This feature is in third place in the IDE section of Delphi’s User Voice page. Feel free to vote for it.
  • The fine folks at TMS Software are organizing a Delphi/TMS day in the Benelux region – if you are around you should go.  They  have early bird registration until 01 March 2013.
  • Embarcadero has announced the coming of Delphi for iOS.  I’m not an iOS guy – I’m waiting for the Android stuff.  I don’t have an Apple device at all, and you need one to develop on.  (There’s no iOS emulator or simulator for Windows – everything has to run on Apple hardware/software…) so it’s not of any use to me at the present.  However, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this, as I’ll be developing for Android as soon as I can with Delphi, and I suspect I’ll eventually be wanting the results of that to run on iOS as well.  After all, that is one of the promises of FireMonkey – to have a single codebase that runs on Windows, iOS, and Android.  In any event, no one can say that Delphi isn’t alive and kicking.  The new offering includes a Delphi compiler for ARM chips, which is pretty exciting if you’ve been wanting Delphi to branch out.  And the best part is you can get early access to the beta if you buy XE3.
  • Looks like David I has something up his sleeve this year on Delphi’s birthday
  • Delphi Developer Days is back this year – with two dates in Europe and just one in the US (Chicago).  Cary has all the details.  I’ve been to a couple of the events, and they are really fun and well worth the time.  If you can make it, I strongly recommend the event.  Dr. Bob is certainly a more than able replacement for Marco.  With no Delphi Live in the future, this is really the only US conference where Delphi folks can gather.  I’d like to see them add an East Coast date in the US.  Otherwise, I’ll try to get to the Chicago event. 
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