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Flotsam and Jetsam #83

By Nick at May 25, 2014 22:23
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  • Del Yocam is a former Borland CEO, a purchaser of $30,000 couches, the creator of the immortal “Inprise”, a lover of pizza, and apparently a check kiter.
  • I have decided to take the advice of some commenters and leave the site pretty much alone.  I removed a bunch of the ads that weren’t generating much if any revenue and removed some of the little boxes on the side that I didn’t think were very useful or that anyone paid any attention to.  Hopefully it is a bit cleaner that way. 
  • So I have a “Bleg” – a blog beg.  I’m not pleased with the code formatter used by this blog.  It’s hard to set up, seems to keep breaking, and feels old and outdated.  Anyone have any better ideas?
  • I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you that have purchased my book.  I also really appreciate the kind words I’ve received.  I’m really very grateful.  It’s really cool to know that you have written a book that actually has a listing on Amazon.  And I won’t lie – the extra money has been very timely.  And a quick word about that – I have made far, far, far more money having self-published than I would have had I worked through an established publishing house.  The publishing industry is changing rapidly, and my excellent experience with self-publishing is a testimony to that.  Thanks should go to LeanPub and CreateSpace for making it possible.  If you are thinking about writing a book – any kind of book – I’d strongly recommend that route.
  • I’m going to be giving my Unit Testing talk at the Philly.Net Code Camp next month.  If you are in the Philadelphia area, you might consider coming to the event.  It is a much bigger conference this year, spanning two days and happening at the Valley Forge Convention Center.  Typically there are 700 or more folks there – it’s usually a big event.  The talks are generally aimed at .Net developers, but there is a lot of Javascript and other topics.  I’ll be there both days.
  • I had a great time at the Delphi Developer Days in Baltimore earlier in the month.  It was great to see Cary and Loy, as well as Dr. Bob.  The classes were good, Jim McKeeth was there, and it was nice to meet new folks as well.   I highly recommend these events.  There are DDD’s in London and Amsterdam still left.  I don’t know if there is space available, but if you can attend, I think you should.
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