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Flotsam and Jetsam #84

By Nick at June 07, 2014 11:29
Filed Under: Delphi
  • I am currently working on two things:
    • First, I’m working to provide general documentation for the Spring4D project.   The documentation can be found in the project’s wiki, and you are more than welcome to contribute to what I’ve started there.  Interestingly, the wiki can be managed as a Git project consisting of *.md (markdown) files.  That’s the way I’m doing it, though if you want, you can edit the wiki directly in the browser.  Pull requests are gladly accepted.
    • Second, I’m getting back into the Delphi Unit Test project.  Things have slowed down there, and I’ve decided to try to continue adding tests.  Thanks should go to Jeroen Pluimers for putting a lot of effort into the infrastructure of the project.  Of course, pull requests are gladly accepted here as well.
  • You wouldn’t build a fence into your neighbor’s yard.  Why would you allow an object to escape the scope in which it is used?
  • The BOGO offer is back.  That’s “Buy one get one free” for those of you not familiar with the marketing lingo.
  • My book continues to sell pretty well, even after a few months.  Thanks.  The book’s Google Group reached 600 members this week.  Thanks again. 
  • I was having a conversation with a friend this week and we came to the conclusion that you can’t really call yourself a developer if you don’t have Git, Mercurial, and Subversion installed on  your development machine.  You should also be proficient in at least one of them.  What do you think?
  • If you aren’t reading Mark Seamann’s blog, you should be.  This site is solid gold.  Mark wrote the excellent Dependency Injection in .NET which you should read immediately if you haven’t already done so.  For instance, his series on Poka-yoke Design is just fantastic.  Clearly written and illustrated.  I’ve probably raved about his blog before, but it’s just so worth reading.  I’d love to be directed to a better blog on software development.
  • And while you are at it, read this great article – Speed in Software Development.  It was pointed out to me by the inestimable Mark Edington.  I particularly enjoyed it being a former sprinter and a former marathoner – with a strong emphasis on “former”. 
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