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Flotsam and Jetsam #85

By Nick at September 21, 2014 04:50
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  • I have been spending a lot of time with XE7 lately, mainly working on presentations for EKON18.  I’m speaking on a number of topics, and thus have been running XE7 through the paces pretty well.  Impressions so far:
      • Having Castalia as a free add-on is fantastic.  I’m currently only using about 10% of it, but I love it already and am looking forward to learning more.  You can get it absolutely free – the full edition – until 30 September as long as you are a registered XE7 owner.  Highly recommended.
      • One of the talks I’m doing is on REST services, and so I’ve been working with the Enterprise Mobility Server (EMS) in XE7.  This is a seriously very cool thing.  It makes building REST Servers as easy as falling off a log. It automatically provides support for users and groups.  You can building your own extensions as easily as building a Delphi package, and the server will scale no problem by running inside of IIS as an ISAPI extension.  It also makes it really easy to build clients to consume the services.  This is some really amazing and powerful stuff.  Seriously.  Not just mindless promotion here – this is really powerful and easy. Want to get started with it?  The documentation is terrific.
      • I know that some people get upset with me when I say this, but the IDE is really fast and stable.  I don’t know if it is just the way that I use it, but I really haven’t had any trouble with it at all.  It just works. 
      • Similar to the EMS stuff is the Backend as a Service (BaaS) support. If you want to build a mobile application that a million people will use, you can do it with the BaaS stuff via either Kinvey or Parse.  These back-ends take care of storing everything, including users, logins, data storage, and everything.  Much like the EMS Server.  So if you want a hosted solution, or want to host your own, then XE7 has you covered.
      • You can even use it to build apps for things like the new Moto 360 watch.  Cool.
      • Bottom Line:  It’s a seriously cool time to be a Delphi developer.  If you haven’t looked at XE7, do it now
  • I want to mention yet again how much I appreciate all of you who have bought my book.  The whole experience has been humbling as the sales have exceeded my wildest expectations.  Thank you.  In fact, it’s been such a good experience that I’m already thinking about writing another one.
  • I’ll be doing a Developer Skill Sprint this Tuesday on Aspect Oriented Programming with DSharp.  I’d be honored if you attend and ask questions.  These Skill Sprints have been really cool.  They are nice and short, but not too short. They happen at three times during the day, so no matter where you are, you should be able to tune in.  This is my second one, and they’ve been fun to do. 
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