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Flotsam and Jetsam #9

By Nick at October 06, 2010 08:13
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  • We here at Gateway Ticketing are looking to migrate to a Distributed Version Control System, and so naturally I’m scouring the Internet for information, thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc. (Your thoughts and comments gladly accepted, BTW).  I ran across this document about Mercurial and found a curious thing – per-paragraph comments in the documentation.  Interesting.  People there are making some good comments about each individual paragraph to help improve the document and the book.  Pretty cool.
  • I’m sure that some of you may have an opinion on this particular question at the Programmers StackExchange site. 
  • Are you guys reading Mason Wheeler’s blog?  If you are a Delphi guy, I’d recommend it.  Mason is a really smart guy who likes to stay out on the bleeding edge of what is going on with Delphi, and his blog always makes for an interesting an educational read.  This post is no exception, in which he does a little digging and discusses some things he’s heard and how it might be culminating in native LINQ for Delphi. Exactly the kind of blog post that is fun to read.
  • It’s not often that you see an invention that is so simple and yet so useful that you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  Well. here’s one:  The PageKeeper. Ingeniously and fiendishly simple.  Why didn’t I think of that?
  • It is readily apparent to me that the people who make those copier/scanner/fax/printer machines that we all have in our offices now have done a negative amount of usability testing.  That is, these devices are so utterly unapproachable and completely un-figure-out-able that they actually seem to have done some sort of testing that actually made their usability go negative.  Unbelievable how bad the interfaces are.  Seriously.
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