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THTMLWriter 1.0 Released

By Nick at February 21, 2011 05:33
Filed Under: Delphi
  • Okay – THMTLWriter is now an officially 1.0 product.  That means the following:
    • The default branch will now contain all updates to the 1.0 release – that is, bug fixes and doc updates.
    • The develop branch will the place where new development takes place – that is, any new features, developments, and updates.
    • I think that I’ve implemented the entire HTML 4.01 spec
    • Everything that can have a unit test does have a unit test.
    • I won’t change the interface until I release a 2.0 version.
    • I think there aren’t any more bugs or more things to do
    • The docs are not complete – I will continue to update the docs on the default branch.
  • Where is THTMLWriter 2.0 headed?  I’ll implement the HTML5 features as well as overload some additional methods with some of the commonly used default parameters.  That is, I’ll add more methods with the “typical” attributes as parameters so that you don’t have to do parameters yourself as much.
  • If you are actually using this thing, I’d love to hear from you. Google code doesn’t provide any way for me to tell if even one of you has pulled the code.  Winking smile
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