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Thanks To Everyone

By Nick at July 18, 2010 15:19
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This has been a tough week -- but I guess that isn't surprising as being "let go" from your job on a Monday morning will make any week tough.  

But two things happened that made it all a lot better.  

First, my former co-workers had a farewell lunch for me a the (in?)famous Cafe Carlos.  I was quite touched and honored that over 40 people -- including practically all of the R&D and QA teams, were there.  With all humility, I must say it was the biggest farewell lunch I'd seen since I was there.  It was quite flattering.  

The other thing that happened was an almost overwhelming out-pouring of kind words and well wishes to my post in the (in?)famous Delphi Non-Technical forum.  I tried very hard to say thanks to ever single person who posted there -- if I missed you I am sorry.  

I am quite sincere when I say that these two things touched me deeply and humbled me greatly.  As I said in my post, I've lived, breathed, eaten, and slept Delphi for at least the last 15 years, and it is quite nice to feel so appreciated. 

Thanks again to you all who have wished me well in the newsgroups, email, and in person.  I truly appreciate it, and it makes going through this tough time a lot easier.  Thanks.

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