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By Nick at September 06, 2014 07:48
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Sadly, the good old Embarcadero newsgroups NNTP Feed appear to have come to an end.  Alas.  I’ve been a member of those groups in one form or another for over 20 years, starting with the Compuserve forums and ending up with the wonderful and grossly underappreciated NNTP newsgroups.  I believe that Embarcadero is trying to get the newsgroups back up in a read-only status.  Nevertheless, it appears to be time to move on.

So where can we migrate to?  I see three places where the community can communicate and get questions answered.

    • The official solution is  This is the place that Embarcadero is bringing everything together that formerly was EDN, the Blog server, and the newsgroup server.  This new community has blogs, articles, and Forums.  The Forums are organized by topics rather than products and languages. It takes a bit of getting used to, but we can work with it that way, right?  In addition, there is the Answers section, which has a StackOverflow-like way of asking and answering questions. Overall, it looks like a pretty nice web site, though I know many of us will miss the NNTP forums.  This will take some getting used to, but things move forward, and this is the way that things are going.  I’m on board
    • StackOverflow has a very active Delphi sub-group where you can get excellent, fast answers to your questions.  If David Heffernan doesn’t answer your question, Ken White, Rob Kennedy, Mason Wheeler, Remy Lebeau or some other very active Delphi community member will jump on it.  StackOverflow is a fantastic resource, and if you have a Delphi question, it’s a great place to get an answer. Most often, someone has already asked your question, and the archives have the answer already. I for one will always choose the StackOverflow answer in a Google search as my first choice. 
    • Another place to ask questions and generally hang out is the Delphi Community on Google Plus.  There are almost 3500 of us there, and there is usually some lively discussion, questions being answered, interesting open source projects announced and discussed, and generally a good place for Delphi folks to be.  If you aren’t a member and aren’t participating, you should be.

So for now, those are the places to gather and get help.  Times are changing for the Delphi community, both in terms of what the tool can do and where we will communicate online.  I encourage folks to move on from the newsgroups and try out the newer places to hang out and get help.

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